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Tried Silver Interconnects yet?


 Verdict: Crisp & Neutral

Probably the biggest bang for the buck in high end audio that you can make is to upgrade your interconnect cables. This hand braided interconnect cable is perfect for Turntable based systems as it has very low capacity specs.

With this cable everything seems better. More definition and greater details at all frequencies are some of the words that come to mind to describe the listening experience.

Do not judge this cable by its thin appearance. Silver is a more conductive element than copper so you need less silver than copper. Result: silver cables are thinner & more flexible.


Silver One - Click For Large Picture

Silver One - Click For Large Picture





Standard length: 3ft

Minimum length: 1ft

RCA Capacitance: 16 pf/ft

Dielectric Type: Teflon

Connectors: Teflon insulated with locking mechanisam [wbt style]


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Last Updated Oct 14 2007