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It is not so often that we find a new audio company driven by the desire to deliver high quality, superior sounding products at affordable prices. New York based Vista-Audio is a prime example of an engineering driven company run by audiophiles.

Vista-Audio is striving to achieve exactly that. The first couple of model i84 amplifiers that we got our hands on were a pleasant surprise.  They are built well, they perform well on our measuring tests & most importantly the sound exceptional in our listening tests.


model 84i

model i84

Power: 15Wpc

Class AB operation

Bandwidth: 17Hz-35kHz

Inputs: CD, Tuner, Aux.

Outputs: 4 and 8 ohm

Input sensitivity: 600mVpk

Tubes: 2xECC83S, 4x EL84


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Last Updated Oct 14 2007