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Oct 1 2007

Silver Interconnect

Well, we did it again. New and improved SilverOne interconnect cable is born a few days ago. Based on a 22 gauge solid core silver over OFC wire with Teflon insulation this cable is proving itself on every step of the way.  More info & pricing to follow



June 15 2007

Silver Power

New 10 Gauge Power Cable based on silver plated coper wire is now in the demo stage. Teflon insulated and 100% shielded it as a definite beauty. For more info on availability please Contact Us



June 10 2007

Passive preamplifier did get a bit of a face lift. New buttons & screws are incorporated ito the design. Silver plated coper inside wiring is now a standard feature.



Feb 21 2007

Web site is finally updated with Silver One Interconnect. New generation of SHIELD cables is ready as well.



Jan 11 2007

Our passive preamplifier is about to get a boost with silver wiring inside as an option. Included will be ALPS potentiometer as well as a standard for this type of upgrade. First prototype will be ready in a weeks time.



Jan 10 2007

New AudioLimits-Silver Interconnect cable is ready for presentation. Preliminary listening tests shows clear & neutral sound. This is exactly what we were aiming for. More pictures & measurements to follow.



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